..."That you may walk worthy of God, in all things pleasing: being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. Colossians 1: 10

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Pictures

Fr. Couture spoke with the children in FVR Village on July 31.

Fr. Couture watched the participants as they tried the steps in detergent powder production in FVR Village on July 31. The same quality of detergent powder sells at 200% of the production cost. Households that self-produce can therefore cut their laundry cost by half.
Or earn extra money for food and medicines by selling detergent.

Participants experienced producing anti-fungal ointment using "cassia alata" plant according to the formula recommended by the Department of Health. Scientific research had proven that the plant had anti-fungal properties and the Department of Health had established guidelines on the production of an effective ointment.
With proper training, the families living in poor slums and are prone to skin infections can have more control of their health condition.

Christine assisted the participants as they learned the basic loops in making twine Rosaries. The poor understand that in their daily struggle for existence their hope is in God. No wonder they welcome free rosaries. Teaching them how to make their own rosaries is giving them a life-long supply of rosaries to keep and to give.

Elizabeth taught the children how to make the Sign of the Cross.

Monday, September 27, 2010



Catechism classes were set up in the neighborhood of regular patients who were interested in learning about a loving Father in Heaven. The areas where catechism classes had been conducted for more than 6 months were prioritized in the selection of venues for the livelihood training because of the very obvious needs observed in the families, and because of the already established structures that would facilitate the organization of the training.



Participants were the parents of pediatric patients or the adult patients themselves



Livelihood Training
: 288
No. of Rosaries distributed:
No. enrolled in the Brown Scapular: 222
No. who went to Confession: 41
No. who received Baptism: 4 (3 Absolute + 1 Conditional)
No. who were given Apostolic Blessing: 1
No. of houses blessed: 6
No. of communities served: 8
No. of days of mission: 9

No. of volunteers: 34 (Foreign: 5; Local: 25; Priests/ Brother /Aspirant: 4)

1. Livelihood training was given to selected participants: demonstration lectures were conducted and return demonstration were done by participants on the production of detergent powder, antifungal/anti-scabies ointment, and twine rosaries. Materials were provided for free. Participants brought home their finished products.

2. Participants were patients/relatives of patients of the previous medical missions in Sarangani Province and General Santos City. The purpose of the training was to assist the patients and their families to gain more skills that can be a source of additional income to support their basic nutrition and medical needs.

3. Catechism lessons were given to participants regarding the Rosary and the Scapular. The catechism included the preparation of candidates for Baptism and Profession of Faith. The candidates came from the catechism classes conducted in the particular mission area since 2008/2009.

July 25: Arrived in General Santos City. Orientation/training for the volunteers done.

July 26: Livelihood training in Ladol, Alabel, Sarangani Province, in the neighborhood of

patient Paglinawan. Attended by 15 participants. 27 children attended the catechism.

July 27: Livelihood training in Kawas, Alabel, Sarangani Province, in the neighborhood of

patient Roldan. Attended by 15 participants. 10 children attended the catechism.

July 28: Livelihood training in Purok Sto. Nino, Poblacion, Alabel, Sarangani Province in the front yard of patient Vicelles' residence. Attended by 15 participants. 14 adults and children attended the catechism.

July 29: Livelihood training in Upper Banualan, Tambler, General Santos City, in the
neighborhood of patient Castillo. Attended by 15 participants. 19 adults and children attended the catechism.

July 30: Livelihood training in Deocampo Residence, in the neighborhood of patient Jurane, Purok Malakas, Barangay San Isidro,
General Santos City. Attended by 13 participants. 6 children attended the catechism. 12 adults and children were enrolled in the Brown Scapular.

July 31: Livelihood training in FVR Village, Purok Rajah Buayan, Barangay Tambler, General Santos City
. Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture arrived in the afternoon. 50 adults and children were enrolled in the Brown scapular. 30 children attended the catechism.

August 1: Baptism for Chrissy Mae and Mary Joy Ganoy by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture.

August 2: Spiritual mission in General Santos City Hospital. 200 rosaries and rosary guides distributed to patients, 200 scapulars imposed, 6 Confessions including a 1st of a 30 year-old, 1 apostolic blessing - patient was sent home when the holy oils were brought, 1 emergency baptism.

August 3:
General Santos City Hospital: Lecture on the Shroud of Turin to hospital staff by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture.

General Santos City Jail: Livelihood and spiritual mission in General Santos City Jail male and female wards, attended by 206 participants. Lecture on the Shroud of Turin to the inmates given by Rev. Fr. Daniel Couture, interpreted by Wilmar Intes. Lecture on the Brown Scapular given by Judith Dagatan. Review on How to Examine Conscience and Confess conducted by Legion of
Confessions by 35 inmates, heard by Rev. Fr. Couture.

Imposition of the Brown scapular to 160 inmates, jail guards and warden.

Assorted medicines given to male jail infirmary.

August 4: Returned to Tanay.

Friday, September 24, 2010


On arrival to Tanay, on the evening of July 24

Departing for Gensan, in the morning of July 25

Gensan Team with some local volunteers before returning to Tanay, in the morning of August 4

GSC Hospital Mission

Mission at the City Hospital
August 2, 2010

Chris had a very enlarged abdomen. He had rheumatic heart disease, severe mitral stenosis, trivial aortic regurgitation, severe tricuspid regurgitation, moderate pulmonic regurgitation, congestive heart failure, ascites, and other complications.
He was perplexed and embarrassed, and was in pain too. His face was downcast from the many pains he bore. A little girl came to give him her toys and cheer him up.

Sick but not sad...

I was sick and you comforted me....

PRE-MISSION VISITS at the city hospital:

child recovering from severe dehydration

At the Pediatrics ward.
(Left) Father and son in a congested room. (Right) Patients in the hallway - no more room

Maternity ward, two women to a bed.. not enough beds

ACIM-Asia is now facilitating the communication between the Chief of the City Hospital and the representatives of Aviation Without Borders for donations of medicines and medical supplies for the benefit of the poor patients.

GSC Jail Mission

The mission at the City Jail
August 3, 2010

The City Jail housing about 1,120 inmates.
It is located in Lanton, Apopong, General Santos City.

Charles is seen in the photo demonstrating the steps in producing anti-fungal ointment using local herb "Acapulco" which had been subjected to scientific research by the Department of Health and found out to be effective in the treatment of fungal infections and scabies infestation.

Victor in his demonstration lecture on detergent making, assisted by a female jail guard.

Workshop on making twine rosaries

The inmates learn how to make rosaries without beads, using only a twine (thick thread). By their own ingenuity, the inmates also made crucifixes made of thread...

Packs of laundry powder, little jars of medicinal ointment, and spools of twine...
This represents new skills, new means of livelihood for the inmates.

Fr. Couture bought these little crafts from the inmates who produced this
from plastic soda bottles and some wooden sticks.
The inmates rely on the sales of their crafts to earn money to buy personal supplies and also to send support to their families. Majority of the inmates used to be the breadwinners in their families so in prison, they think of ways to send money to their children and spouses.

Fr. Couture gave a lecture on the holy Shroud of Turin to the male and female inmates

Judith Dagatan explains the importance of the Brown Scapular to the inmates.

The male inmates enrolled in the Brown Scapular

The female inmates waited for Fr. Couture to finish hearing confessions then asked to be enrolled in the Brown Scapular.

The warden and a few jail guards received the Brown Scapular too.

The playground where the female inmates enjoy recreation time.

In answer to a plea for assistance, ACIM-Asia, through one of its' mission partners, paid for the cost of the delivery of this baby who was born to a female inmate. With his mother in prison, baby also lives in prison while the warden seeks ways to contact the relatives to find a home for the baby.

Victor O'Boyle posing with some inmates

the inmates waiting for the activity to begin

JUNE 19: preparatory visit:

Mam Rona and an inmate with an abdominal mass needing surgery

Emeline examining a patient who had some uterine masses and hemorrhoids, also needing surgical assistance

ACIM-Asia is now looking for sponsors for the inmates with surgical needs and also looking for interested buyers of the rosaries produced by the inmates.